Spring Break is a time to break away from the norm and have an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for local trips, or an international flights distance from home, the world is full of hot, fun in the sun, destinations for your Spring Break from reality. Below are our Top 5 Spring Break Destinations to have you booking your hotels and planning your stay today!

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offer a wide variety of incredible activities for your spring adventure. White sandy beaches give way to clear blue ocean water offering snorkeling, diving, fishing, and more. The Florida Keys state park offer some of the Sunshine States best beaches, and nature trails wind throughout. At the southernmost tip of Florida, The Keys maintain a year round Caribbean climate and are filled with bars and sea food restaurants.


Made up of nearly seven hundred different islands, the Bahamas offers a luxurious, and glitzy, stay away from home that brings in millions of vacationers a year. Though the islands offer some sophisticated hotels, like the Atlantis, and the normal Spring Break activities, like snorkeling, and beach parties galore, also offered are some intriguing looks at the islands past. Artifacts and relics from indigenous peoples, and colonial era trading can be seen throughout the island, as well as pristine protected nature areas for a quiet escape.

Manhattan Beach, California

If you’re looking for a more chill location for your Spring Break travel, Manhattan Beach, California, offers some more relaxed, homey, beach vibes than many of the other places on this list. Beautiful waves and locales offering surfing, beach bumming, and a cool southern California aura to allow you to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Manhattan Beach offers a plethora of luxury hotels and accommodating retailers.

South Padre Island, Texas

If you’re looking for a mixture of beach parties, cool and intriguing natural layouts, and an area filled with local culture and history, look no further than South Padre Island. The island was a hot spot for years for enthusiastic twenty four hour Spring Break parties held every March, and while some places are still in the partying business, South Padre has become renowned as a family tourist spot as well these days. Just a day’s drive from some of Texas’ bigger cities, South Padre offers kite boarding, deep sea fishing, and consistently warm weather.


Cancun is the mother of all Spring Break getaways. As one of the most inexpensive options, with flights, hotel stays, and experience offers, for a single person, sometimes being attainable for fewer than six hundred dollars, this southern Mexican island is a primo getaway for golfing, beaches, nightlife, and more. Jet Skiing and Parasailing are also popular activities in Cancun, as is witnessing Chichén Itzá, the site of a Large Mayan archaeological wonder of the ancient world.